Intuition, and the Help

Great article here on intuition, talking about a lot of the things I discussed in ‘you don’t know what an apple is’.

Basic gist is that your brain is always looking to make connections and that it’s so desperate to do that, that it will make them regardless of whether they’re real. It also hates being told it’s wrong.

On a separate note, I watched the movie ‘the Help’ this week. After a couple of crushingly depressing movie choices recently (‘One Day’, ‘The Descendants’) it was nice to watch something vaguely uplifting. But my god is it still a bleak indictment of how much people can suck.

The comments I made last week in ‘eating of greens’ about how people adhere to laws really hit home when you think that not long ago racists were considered mainstream and backed by both state laws and supposed ‘morality’.  The arguments for having separate buses, toilets etc that you see in the film are so ridiculous that no basic logic supports them and it’s hard to think that anyone ever thought they made sense. People in the ’60s weren’t genetically stupider than people now,  but they not only bought this cr#p, they actively pushed it on others. It just goes to show that people want to feel ‘right’ is on their side, however twisted, or thin, or tenuous the logic it takes to get them there.

I cite it a lot because its one of the hot-button issues of the day, but what chance we’ll be watching a movie in 20 years time about gay marriage and the extent to which homophobia was enshrined in our legal and social systems today? Or asking ourselves why christians and muslims seem to fight all the time? Or why we’re happy to ignore war, poverty and injustice in some areas of the world (sorry, Africa) and obsess over others (hello, Middle East)…

I still think that the best thing we can do is question everything around us and accept nothing at face value – exhausting as that is. After all, if the folk of the ’60s weren’t stupider than us… that means there’s no proof we’re any smarter.

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One Response to Intuition, and the Help

  1. Lucy says:

    You should read the book – it is really well written and gives more detail than the movie. I read it after the movie and still massively enjoyed it. It also made me think long and hard about the kind of flippant comments thrown about by the expats out here about their maids – “you can’t be TOO nice to them you know, or they will take advantage” “What time is her Sunday curfew…? 10pm? Really? But what if she goes out and gets DRUNK?”. But again, society here sees the subjugation of immigrants as socially acceptable, of speaking about them as if they do not have feelings, as if giving them 1 day off a week is somehow the greatest act of charity in the world. But I am as guilty as the rest, it’s easy to get sucked into that mindset and stop evaluating whether what you are saying is right, and whether you should be condoning what others are saying with your assent or your silence. Groupthink in action…

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